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Pisces ♓️ October ‘19 Tarot soulmate Love after a workplace fiasco

The amazing group of artists included in the project created cards in a range of media photography, painting and collage and each infused an additional sense of allure and magic into this already heavily charged lam of mystery. Not only may viewers enjoy the actual works in the exhibition of the original cards, but they may also take them home in this unique catalogue in the form of a deck of Tarot cards in and of itself! It will be located inside and outside The Andy Warhol Museum in its side and back alleys.

Skip to content. Catherine Opie, Josh , Courtesy the artist and Regen Projects, Los Angeles. Lastly, if you have any books or material on Tarot and want to share feel free to bring it along too.

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What if I do not know anything about Tarot? You are still welcome to come to the outing.

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We do free readings for those who request for one. You are also welcome to join us if you just want to come down and have a look, and enjoy our company. I'm new here, can I join the outing?

Yes, if you have an interest in Tarot you are welcome. Do not worry that you do not know anyone, just come down and make friends. Where is the place?

The address of Cafe three at 5 teo hong road opposite Dorsett hotel. Please refer to a map. I'm still not sure how to get there, is there anyone I can contact? All levels welcome. Space is limited and refunds will not be issued.

The Libra-Scorpio Cusp

Tarot Skills is a class for tarot readers who are interested in giving really good readings by incorporating insights from the fields of psychology and behavioral science into their work with the cards. Participants will learn to read tarot in a way that is engaging, effective and trauma-informed.

Review the basics of 78 card decks including major arcana, minor arcana and court cards as they relate to human psychology and behavior, including a brief overview of therapeutic interpretations of the 22 major arcana.