Horoscope december 27 2019

Be open to different styles or approaches. If you are single, you could stumble into a new crowd in which you feel unusually appreciated. As a result, you might meet someone special. If you are attached, you and your partner often speak to each other about the possibilities of taking a special, long-desired trip together. You also might opt to take up a hobby together.

Daily Horoscope December 27, 2018 for Zodiac Signs

VIRGO understands you well. You might be very goal-oriented; nevertheless, you are likely to find yourself on a wild-goose chase at some point in the day. You might not even know how you got there.

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Do not be concerned. Simply continue on your desired path. Tonight: Be willing to adapt your plans. Although others might have difficulty during the day and feel confused, you'll understand what is happening. Focus on your goals. You are in an unusually creative period.

Work with some of your unusual ideas. Tonight: Act as though there is no tomorrow.

Whether an issue slows you down, you feel that you do not have the energy or the time that you need. Clear up the problem. Your imagination allows you to come up with unique and exciting ideas. Try to start conversations without bias. Tonight: Make it easy and relaxing. When the opportunity appears, speak your mind.

Holding off might not be wise because your irritation levels will mount.

December 27th Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Confusion surrounds potential trips or happenings. Try to be clear about what you think and feel. If needed, ask questions. Tonight: Speak your mind. Make sure that you are on the same page as another person, especially if dealing with funds. You might not appreciate the upset otherwise.

Confusion marks a conversation. If needed, get clarification. You are more in tune than you believe you are. Tonight: Fun does not have to cost. If you find yourself in a disagreement with an associate, try to clarify what you mean. You could discover that your expectations were off or that you were not seeing the other person realistically. You are likely to become surer of your choices. Tonight: Ask, and you shall receive. If you feel a little off after all the excitement of the holidays, do not be surprised. Clarify a conversation regarding upcoming plans.

Another person might hear your words but interpret them differently. A family member poses an obstacle of some sort. Tonight: Hang in there. If you let someone's misconceptions get the best of you, you could feel out of sorts. This is a time of completing old chapters and getting ready for a fresh calling. Another point of contemplation, the stars ask us to look carefully at our emotional boundaries and how we arrange ourselves in relationship to others. We may notice that we are responsible for keeping people at a distance, or are responsible for letting them run roughshod over us.

The healthier our boundaries, the closer we can let people to us, and engage our community in a way that still works for us.

December 27th, , Friday | 13 Must Know Facts

Any imbalance here will be painfully obvious. Passions run high as begins. Venus begins the year in in Mars-rules Scorpio, bright in the morning sky and in our hearts. Feelings run deep, defenses are strong, solitude is lovely, but isolation is not, so reach out.

Money & Career

A new chapter begins on January 2 as an enthusiastic Moon-Jupiter conjunction stirs new direction, confrontations, and a fresh sense of possibility and determination. Friday, December 28 : After early grumbles as the Moon opposes Mars, open the heart to an existential ache and a range of deep feeling. Find moments for art that touches the heart as Venus sextiles Pluto under a peace-loving Libra moon.

Find nonverbal ways of expressing feelings. We need to feel emotional honesty, not talk about it. If a desire to accomplish competes with a need for rest and peace, feed the peace. Sunday, December 30 : Get the socializing in early, make arrangements and adjustments this afternoon as the Moon opposes Uranus. Be prepared for a change in plans, a sudden shift of the agenda. Consider stepping back for personal inventory and moment of privacy tonight as the Moon enters Scorpio. Many people will be on emotional overload, part of extending themselves, and need to care for their introverted side.

Monday, December 31 : This good working morning can help us make last-minute adjustments of arrangements as the Scorpio Moon keeps our focus as it sextiles the Sun and Saturn. Energy, temper, and pugnacious notice increase tonight as the Moon as Mars enters Aries, for a festive, active, if contentious evening. Tuesday, January 1 : Let people have their time alone for hangover or personal repair this morning as the Scorpio Moon conjuncts Venus.

Be with one another in an accepting way. Afternoon, run with projects or spontaneous events. Avoid arguments over authority and control, but engage in real conversation about future responsibility as the sun conjuncts Saturn.