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Which one do you FEEL connected to.

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Which one just Feels right? If you don't have a damn clue what the actual hell you are, ask for input. Maybe your best friend knows if you're The Devil or The Empress. Your sister might be the deciding vote in whether you're the queen of cups or queen of wands. Or maybe that cute witchy neighbor if those exist of yours that you keep trying to find an excuse to talk to might be able to tell if you're a Knight or Page.

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The point being is that if you don't know or don't have a solid idea of what you feel like, others might. Some traits we have are invisible to us but very visible to those around us. Now, you might have a tarot significator for yourself but do you have one to represent your spouse or your kids? Your best friend?

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Your parents? Anyways, that's the end of the methods I've come across or thought about. What's your tarot significator? What cards have you selected to represent loved ones or other influential individuals in your life?

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If you work with deities, do you have a significator card for them? Omg this post is gold! I had no clue about an significator! How does 1 know which sign their deck is?? I have no idea which sign they are, but I'd really like to find out!!!!

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I found out my deck was a Libra because I got her during Libra season. October 17th, I believe. It would depend on the dates you got them. If you don't remember, you can always ask them. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Likes Comments Like Excellent post.

VERY informative! Thank you! You're welcome :grin: :v:.

I love this post Prince! Very helpful per usual.

Plus the Libra comment made me LOL. She's indecisive dude :joy: :joy:. But thank you, Krissy!! Great post! Very informative! Thank you!! Featured post Ornithomancy oddoracle. Join the community. From destructive forces of nature to the power of communicating with the world of the dead, this date carries great forces and great dangers in its setting.

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This is exactly why it is so important to learn to communicate with "other worlds" and things carried in deepest emotional realms, so they can grow and reshape into people they were always meant to be without destructive forces taking over. The purpose in lives of Virgos born on September 10th seems to be to become themselves. Their authentic nature is supposed to shine, and time only makes them stronger in their intent to be exactly who they are. They are to give up on compromise that makes them weak, set free from relationships that take away their energy, and become fully aware of the creative light they carry within when they are playful and in touch with their pure inner child.

It is quite typical for their love stories to be sexual, magnetic, and manipulative in some way, and the force of their own personality is to be built and strengthened through time, through relationships that simply cannot be avoided. They often get dismissive of other people's ways, and this is exactly when Pluto kicks in by its inevitable law, connecting them with partners and lovers who stand as pure representations of what they tried to dismiss. It is imperative that they find their inner truth before trying to find it in anyone else, and as they do, they become dedicated partners for life, willing to live and die beside their loved one in clean, honest, and impeccable relations that can make them vulnerable, but with their faith and dedication never shaken.

A person born on September 10th is good in all sorts of exploration. This makes them good scientists, nuclear physicists, archaeologists, psychologists, palm readers and ghost whisperers, but also successful gold diggers and bankers that give credit to all those in need. The positive outcome of their nature shines when they work on their own personality and grow, learning how to help others heal through conventional or not so conventional methods that resonate with the true power of their mind. An excellent stone for those born on September 10th and their entire process of change and development of crystal clear personality is astrophyllite.

It is a stone that aids them illuminate their true inner Self and find the direction to follow on their path to self-discovery. This crystal is energetically potent and assists transformation, allowing one to recognize things that need to be let go of while finding forgiveness for all past personal choices, choices of others, and choices of ancestors that float in the invisible energetic spaces.

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A birthday gift for someone born on the 10th of September might be a bit hard to find, since their intense nature is often overlooked due to their ability to communicate their way out of any ordeal. If you are to push their buttons and truly get them something that will move their heart, you must follow the feel, find things that look and smell like them, and choose something with deep meaning to be treasured. If not, you can always buy them a science book or a new study on the occult or discovering shadows of Self and secrets that our planet offers to those who can see.

Deep, intelligent and extremely powerful, they are focused and dedicated to the higher truth and find change satisfying, without fear of what tomorrow might bring. They bring order to large things in lives of people around them and announce change everywhere they go. Obsessive, possessive and jealous, they can get dismissive of other people's ways and unwilling to recognize their own shadows while judging others. When bruised, they may become vindictive or manipulative. Virgo - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information.

Virgo man - information and insights on the Virgo man.