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If they break your trust, then they can go into your "not to trust" list, yes, you may be hurt by this breach of trust but Hi there. I am a male and was born on 22 Nov. I find it difficult to make friends or continue friendship with them.. Its true that earlier some of my so-called friends have used my friendship, but i don't wan't to stick to that experience and move on.

Please advise I have realized I possess all of these traits mixed together also.. I am going on a date with a man who was born on Nov 23 same yr as me 8 days older. For the most part, I am loyal, spiritual, very intuitive, empathetic, sarcastic, emotional, at times quiet, a thinker, I love to have fun, Im very competitive and persistent, at times can be jealous.

Im a good judge of character and I can see through ALL bs. I say what I feel. I always remember a helping hand and will return the favor when I can. I can be a devoted friend the down side is I can be your worst enemy if I feel I ve been crossed. I am a male born on the 22nd of november born on the scorpio-sagittarius cusp often called as the scorpittarius or the sagicorpio and also in my own words scorpiosaggiun. I went to birthdaypersonality.

Moreover i am a bit introverted plus a bit extroverted i am mysterious shy and quiet at times and simultaneously fun loving happy-g0-lucky and humorous. I love reading gripping thrillers and i often fantasize being a private detective , an undercover agent or a senior officer of the armed forces undertaking deep and challenging tasks to solve mysteries and situations in which suspense is created. On the sagittarius side i am attracted by travel i love foreign countries and their culture i am always open to adventure i always like meeting new people and getting to know them pretty well before i can proceed further with them and of course honestly and loyalty are the keys to win my locked trust.

I am philosophical and enjoy discovering the inner meaning of life i am spiritual and also a non-stop talker on any topic given in front of me which might annoy people. Again on the scorpio side i am interested in the occult i like to psyche out peoples thoughts by reading their faces i love psychoanalysis and psychology i also possess a keen interest in metaphysics trying to find interconnection and correlation between everything in this vast wide world i often am attracted to the big bang theory. I could go on and on but i guess i have bored you enough. In case you like my post please send me an email on my email account ruvan gmail.

If you would contact me i would take interest in sharing experiences of my personal life with you and also would like to know about your experiences at a more deeper and penetrating level through a regular interaction of course so that we can teach and guide each other on how to manage being inside two of the most powerful sun signs in the zodiac.

I loved your blog each and every word you have written is absolutely true and connected with a scopsag cusp's life thank you for writing such a brilliant post. I hope to read more of your articles in the future you are an excellent writer. I am born on November 22 and I find myself having characteristics from both of the scorpio and sagittarius,, People say I am mysterious and quiet, I like to solve mysteries and puzzles just like any scorpio. I am honest,, stubborn like any sagittarius. And let me say, she is completely a scorpio as well as a sagittarius.

Let's get real. The scorpittarius is crazy. But she is also the most beautiful and unique creature I've ever met. She's a little bipolar because she's a cusp, but that's what makes her so great. She's super sarcastic, very jealous, has a hot temper, and blurts out whatever comes to her mind. But at the same time she's so thoughtful and emotional and deep.

She always drifts to a new world in her head and loses focus easily. She has a hard time because she wants freedom and can't commit, but at the same time she is a lover. She's always so internally conflicted. However, you can always see it in her eyes. She is extremely honest, but at the same time she is able to manipulate whoever whenever. I think that the scorpittarius is most likely the most sexual being to EVER live on this planet. Unfortunately, it's very hard to hold on to one. The crazy part about this girl is she is also a virgin.

If she really likes a man she seems to just want to talk and talk. Whereas she will hook up with men she has no feelings for. She is stubborn and impulsive, but she's up for anything. She's the most exciting unexpected ball of fiery water. She is too complex and has troubles dealing with the cruelties of mankind-- not for herself but for others.

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I've seen vicious things happen to her and she wouldn't even complain. But the only time I've ever seen her cry was when something bad happened to her autistic older brother and she couldn't fix the problem. She's the least practical girl I'll ever meet. I'm not sure what the point of this post was. But I hope every man has the opportunity at some point in his life to meet the scorp-sag cusp because she has changed my life and she will change yours too. It hurts that I've let him in so much that he really gets to me! It's a very confusing situation, sometimes he contacts, sometimes he doesn't and sometimes, he contacts when you aren't expecting it.

My advice now is, not to stress the current situation and let things flow, if he said he'd help, he will probably get back to you on it, because if it were me, I would feel obligated to do that. There is always the possibility that you could have text at a bad time, he could have cancelled the text and forgot to reply, I know this happens me a lot, if i'm remotely busy, I will cancel a text and almost always forget to text back for hours.

If you concentrate on work and life outside of your relationship, you will probably not worry too much, keeping the mind busy is the main thing, it really helps. Then, if it goes on too long without contact a length of time you are comfortable setting I think it would be time to consider dropping this as a task for now as you are putting a lot of time, thought and effort to reach out to him but he doesn't seem to be picking up on these signs right now. Well didn't hear from him so I sent a txt this morn.

Thinking like u said he prob just forgot. I only asked if he was ok and still able to help?

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  • But he's not replyed?? He is normally instant. I would, if he said he'd help, then id be hoping he will keep his word and contact you to meet up, or if it goes too long without contact within the next few days then I would contact him to meet up cause he might have forgotten. I think, Wednesday of this week should be a good enough marker, so if he doesn't contact you before Tuesday night, be ready to contact him on Wednesday.

    I mean cos the last time we spoke, he did say he would get back to me. How long would u wait? If it were me, I would definitely wait until you could talk in person. If you tell him over the phone, there is a lack of a lot of important things that are needed, you can't express emotion properly, your expression will not be effective and, there is the chance of him misunderstanding something.

    Whereas if you were in person, you can do everything needed. I would go somewhere quiet, somewhere private, where you can talk comfortably and spend as long as needed there. I would probably prefer to be told frankly but not too frank, Explain clearly what you are feeling and explain how it has developed. Yeah great glad that's what u think too! I mean at least if I know I can deal with it either way. Ok, so do I wait to see him in person? If he gets in touch that is? I mean I would be able to tell him today, but another day I might not be as brave lol!

    It's not going to be easy putting my heart on the line, but could only go one of two ways. Now, as for the question, I dunno if I mentioned this but, if it were me in his shoes, no matter how I felt, I would greatly appreciate honesty, its something that is needed for even the most basic of friendships. I don't think you would ruin a friendship by revealing feelings, it could be a bit awkward if his feelings are the opposite, however the awkwardness dies down quick. If anything, I think, if you tell him how you feel, you will become more comfortable around him no matter what, sure, you still may have feelings that you can't act on right now but at least he'll know they are there.

    He has now called, offered me help for a work thing. Ok, so here is where I'm at, if he just wants to be friends that's fine but I want to know. I really need some honesty! So, do I ask? I mean if he only wants to be friends, would I ruin that by being honest about how I feel? What i meant by your effort not going unrewarded was, even if it came to be that you two wont take things any further, you will have a friend, and Scorpios make for some of the best friendships, extremely trustworthy, very loyal and My advice right now would be to scale it down, by the looks of things, he is avoiding the topic of you and him.

    However, I wouldn't cut contact fully, keep it friendly and if the opportunity arises when you are with him in person, then that could be a perfect time to revisit this area of your relationship with him :. Hi Scorpio 92, Thanks for your advice. Well I did txt and he didn't reply. However, today I get a txt totally unrelated! I just don't get it? I hope so too!

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    What do u mean about effort doesn't go unrewarded? Do u think I should persevere or give up? If it were me, I usually try to contact twice, if both times fail, or feel wrong, I pull away, if the person I contact cares enough, they will contact me once they realize my silence :. I really hope your situation resolves itself soon, and in a way that is beneficial to both of you, dealing with a Scorpio is not easy but, whatever way it turns out, your effort never goes unrewarded :.

    Hi Scorpio 92, Ok i will do. Now if he doesn't reply would u just leave it? I mean I think I'm too caring and think of his feelings. But he is not thinking of my feelings? And if it wasn't for the look he gives me I would have give up. I've never had someone get under my skin so much! Personally, I wouldn't be able to fake it if I tried, I dunno if someone would want to fake something like that as it is an intense moment. I can't really judge on the non responsiveness, as I am bad myself at replying however I would never leave it go more than a day without replying.

    Maybe spark up a new conversation with him? See how he is and all, and you could judge how he is from this, whether he wants to talk or not. Hi Scorpio 92, I'm hoping that is the case, as in my heart I think, surely u couldn't fake that intense eye contact? Ok won't b seeing him at work for a bit. We have been txting, but the last txt I sent he's not replied?? It's been days. He knows I hate it when he does this.

    November 21 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of finesse

    Which then gets me thinking maybe he just sees me as a friend?? What should I do? I am really grateful for your insight!

    The Scorpittarius

    By the date, you are still in Scorpios sign, however, you will have traits of a Sagittarius also, When I first found out I was part of both signs I too was very confused, but then I realized I shouldn't be because, these two signs are pretty similar. Going by some horoscopes, you would be in the second last day of Scorpio, and others, you would be in the last day of Scorpio, however the cusp starts before then which means, you are ultimately a Scorpio but still share some traits of a Sagittarius :.

    If it were me, i wouldn't waste a persons time if i weren't interested, I mean, there is harmless flirting that guys do with almost every girl and then there is the kind that only the girls they are interested in will receive. The same goes with the eye contact, I use that as a signal myself if I am interested in a girl so, if I were in your shoes, I would be thinking he is interested. I am a female born November Many times I do not know who I am. If I deeply care for someone I can't let it go in my heart. No one knows because I figure, in my head, life goes on. I feel nothing is worth destroying a marriage that would hurt children and relatives, mine or anyone else.

    My husband is the ideal Pisces. He has helped me to grow tremendously. However, his way of not handling problems really, really, bothers me. Who am I, Scorpio or Sagitarious? Thanks for replying! Yeah, my problem is I don't want to make a fool out of myself if a he is messing about or b sees me as a friend? I mean would u bother flirting, txting, the whole eye contact thing if u didn't like them? Being honest, the only way you will truly know if a guy is messing you about is if you feel it.

    Maybe you should talk to him about it, if you feel you are at a stage where you think you would like to talk about it. It may reveal a lot about what's worrying you :. Hi, I'm a Pisces lady born on 11 March. I have recently started falling for my boss who was born on 22 Nov. We flirt, have this eye contact that I can't explain-it goes deep!

    He teases me all the time. Invades my personal space, comes on breaks with me. But then other times ignores me or doesn't reply to txts. How do you know if a guy is sincere or just messing with me? Im getting under a few more layers and not waiting for him to admit to the possessive streak so just reassure him instead and hes blossoming like a lil flower. Trust is occurring and its nice watching him evolve as he trusts.

    I understand how others get really annoyed at Scorpios in particular but also Sags, they can be a hard time to deal with, however, in my own case, these times are always very short, over within hours or days. And, i always like to weigh up what makes up for it, Scorpios are Of course you wouldn't be careless letting this man sort out his problems alone, some like a little help but Scorpios are terrible for it, they always go silent and on a personal experience, unless you are with a caring and understanding partner, it could cause a lot of friction due to not knowing what's wrong.

    About the outspokeness, i think this is the best way to be in a relationship, if you were conserved and held it in, it would eventually come out and with a lot more hurt than coming out piece by piece. Hopefully he comes out of his silent phase soon, because, usually when we finish our silence, we are ready to talk about it. If you r insecure and see their tendency to flirt then yes they may seem untrustworthy but i see it as tey genuinely respect all people and like to give undivided attention to whoever is demanding it in order to be polite.

    And i pick up on the possessiveness but also he is keen to hide that part. All in all i believe him to be very genuine and trustworthy its just proving to him i am loyal and trying to learn myself how to deal with the injured silence that he goes through. Sometimes the silence is completely unrelated to out relationship but other times iv said or done somtin to injure him. But if he doesn't wanna admit to why he is injured then there is not a lot i can do to help.

    If i sit back and allow his injury to pass am i cold and careless? If i try to help and push for an insight into his pain am i magnifying it for him? Im very outspoken and mostly happy but this experience is training me to tone down on my outspokeness due to seeing that my words can actually hurt him that bad.

    Dates: November 18 - 24

    Learning to tone down. But unsure how to deal with the silence. Sometime i admit i did say sumtin a bit cruel but other times if its unrelated to "us" i find myself going over the previous day to try n figure out if i did say sumtin hurtful haha. I was born 23rd, and wow what you've said explains me to a T!

    I sometimes feel misunderstood, I'm honest, loyal, possisive, friendly, got trust issues, get very jealous when in love, really passionate, I don't like getting angry because I know exactly what will hurt my opponent verbally. Protective of family and friends. Was wild and free when younger moved out of home young but ive settled down now I'm getting older.

    I'm 23 very quite and sensible now days haha Always eager to learn enjoy researching and hopefully one day explore the world :D.

    Birthday Horoscope November 21st

    I am so afraid to move forward past him, I love him so much, and if I start dating someone I know it will finalize everything because he WILL be hurt by it, and hate me, further he will believe I did not really love him and I DO!! But, I know in order for me to be happy I have to so I am torn I just don't understand why he is so distant I am so hurt by this. Hello again dlmerritt71, i have been very busy since i stopped commenting on that hub, fortunatly, i hope to get back to helping others very soon when i get a little break soon.

    A Scorpio knows a decent girl by looking, maybe you should ask yourself why are they attracted to you, not in terms of astrology but in terms of your unique personality. Scorpio I found your HUB I tried to talk to you on Kart Hub page about your birthday He wants me to date him I don't know if you remember all my post about the trouble I have had with my scorpio man but, its still a struggle I am a virgo.. I am wondering what the mutual attraction may be or what they see in me Thanks for posting KrisNick09, I also regard myself as a scorpio as it is debated where the sun sign in scorpio ends so i grew up being told i was scorpio but recently discovered it was a little deeper than i thought with the cusp and all :.

    My father was born Nov. Most of the time if I were to analyze his actions, I suppose I think of him as a scorpio. But sometimes he completely surprises me with his reactions to things. Things that would have upset or angered me scorpio , cause him to laugh out loud. And he is a lot friendlier than most scorpios I have met, well, until and unless he is angry lol. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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    Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Born on a Cusp? The Scorpittarius I am creating this article in the hopes that others will share their experiences here if they were or they know people who were born on a cusp, November Traits of the Scorpio Male Protectiveness or possessiveness. Possibly the most shady trait of a Scorpio male is his extremely protective personality. For example, if a Scorpio is with a girl he really likes or loves then this Scorpio will do anything and will stop at nothing to protect her. This comes across to some girls as a major turn-off and scares them.

    Difficulty in gaining his trust. The Scorpio male is one sign that does not trust easily at all. When you gain their trust, you have their complete trust and they will help you however they can. This is a very misunderstood and hated trait of a Scorpio. I think this is a weakness a Scorpio has. When a Scorpio is in trouble or has issues that worry them, they will, most of the time, suffer in silence. They will retract from friends, family, or lovers.

    As mentioned above, a Scorpio is a very emotional character; they feel things deeper than others, be it good or bad.

    November 21 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

    When a Scorpio is pulling away from you or is staying very silent, you can be sure they are sorting out a few problems they are having at that time. Scorpios are well known for their passion, both in and out of relationships. When they fall for a person, they will be very intense lovers, though shy. However, when the Scorpio male is in the comfort zone, you will see an extremely passionate side to him.

    Traits of the Sagittarius Male Friendliness. A Sagittarius man is a very friendly and easy going person.

    The Zodiac Cusp Dates, Astrology Cusp Sun Sign Dates, Born on the Horoscope Cusp

    They mostly are the leader or joker in the crowd and know how to have a good time. Unlike a Scorpio, a Sagittarius trusts easily which, in some cases, does not do the man any favors as some people take advantage of this character trait. This cusp is sensitive yet gregarious. You are friendly and sociable, but mysterious and sometimes cryptic when expressing themselves. You have a romantic and intuitive personality that has a rich inner world mixed with emotional depth and intellectual heights. This cusp desires physical and impassioned, emotional activity. Balance and centeredness greatly help to stifle emotional rollercoasters and keep you calm and relaxed.

    This cusp possesses a blend of fastidiousness and passion. You make excellent leaders with great social skills, but you must learn to share their inner dialogues with others. You have a tendency toward secrecy but learning to open up will help your persuasive personality succeed in intimate relationships. With this dynamic, perfectionism meets a love for all-things-aesthetically-pleasing. You have a creative, charming personality that possesses an impressive intellect.

    There is a tendency for superficiality, so strive to look deeper than the surface. This cusp is sensual and honest, if not brutally so. Despite your frankness, your personality is magnetic and funny. You are a romantic but a potentially jealous one, which can be avoided by carefully examining the ego. Your determination is palpable and leads to success. Yours is an intense energy that meets with optimism. You are unique and independent, not afraid to take the path less travelled. Objectivity is necessary for you to avoid being overly emotional.

    You have a tenacious personality that might be best-suited for self-employment. This cusp possesses an intense intuition and a bubbly and sensible personality. You are incredibly adept at sensing what is needed to solve a problem and makes an excellent partner. You are optimistic yet somewhat emotional and have a need to control surroundings. Learn to trust your inner voice.

    Yours is a cusp with a rich and mysterious inner life that you tend to keep private. Like the rest of your birth chart, your sun sign is determined by your exact birth time. As long as you know your birth time, you will know which sign the sun is in, and it can only be in one! The influences which may be impressed on your personality from the sign preceding or following Gemini will never blot out your Gemini characteristics enough to turn you into a Taurus or a Cancerian.

    If you are born within 12 hours of the sun changing signs, then yes, the sun is technically straddling the cusp, but it can still only be in one sign at any given time. Because zodiac signs begin and end on a different day each year—which is only complicated by taking time zones into consideration—many people including popular astrology writers and memelords do a bit of guessing as to when signs begin.

    This is completely un-astrological, as the basis of astrology is tracking the movements of the planets, not guessing! You have an entire birth chart that maps every planet and not just the sun!