November 1 weekly horoscope

Shrug off an obligation. Sleeping in can be your present to yourself and you actually deserve it. This may scratch a lot of itches for you, but you could crash hard…by Friday. You know how Coco Chanel said to take off one piece of jewelry before you leave? Pick one party to skip. Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology , or follow her Twitter alexkiki.

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SCORPIO - WEEKLY Readings - LOVE & CAREER - November 1-7, 2017 - "Miss Mary"

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But be careful, cosmic warrior: On a bad day, Venus in Scorpio can become obsessive, jealous, or even philandering. Whips and chains not really your thing? Venus governs finances, while Scorpio rules clandestine resources and assets owed. Pluto is currently touring the Capricorn constellation, exposing flaws within our societal systems. In your personal life, harness the power of these celestial bodies by propelling change. Momentum always triggers exciting change, so this celestial motion provides an excellent opportunity to embrace transformation. In the wee hours of Saturday, November 11, a highly beneficial placement between taskmaster Saturn and rebellious Uranus goes down in the cosmos.

This planetary coupling is the final installment of a three-part series the first two parts of which occured on December 24, and again on May 19, These two planets are both touring fire sign constellations Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, respectively , and their combined energy catapults visionary thinking. This energy recharges our current endeavors, or inspires us to seek new employment opportunities. When groundbreaking Uranus pairs up with responsible Saturn, we are increasingly inclined to think outside the box and forge new pathways to ensure stability, structure, and long-term success.

The next few weeks will be all about leather and lace, lovely Aries.

Your Weekly Horoscopes: November 25 to December 1

Venus joins the sun, Jupiter, and Mercury in seductive Scorpio, activating your eighth house — the area of your chart associated with kinky sex and transformation. From now until December 1, you may be inclined to start exploring more covert seduction techniques, creating an entirely new dynamic behind closed doors. Venus also governs money, so when this luxurious planet moves into secretive Scorpio, be sure to keep a close eye on your finances: Outstanding debts will surely be collected over the next few weeks. On Saturday, November 11, Saturn in Sagittarius links up with Uranus in your own sign, inspiring travel and distant journeys.

Enjoy the opportunity to expand your world by studying something totally new and exciting. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to spark a major eureka moment. Tired of dining alone? From now until December 1, date night is about to become daily. Your ruling planet — Venus — enters your opposite sign Scorpio on Tuesday, November 7, highlighting the relationship sector of your chart.

Those already paired may take the relationship to the next level through discussions of exclusivity, exchanging keys, or even marriage proposals. If your recent contacts are riddled with unhealthy matches, it may be best to sit Scorpio season out and wait for a better mate to come into the fold. On Saturday, November 11, serious Saturn and shocking Uranus electrify the sky, activating the areas of your chart associated with psychic power and complete transformation.

Scorpio Horoscope October – Astrology King

If something seems off, darling Taurus, your instincts are likely correct. On Tuesday, November 7, Venus sashays into the Scorpio constellation, highlighting your productive sixth house. When romantic Venus enters the area of your chart associated with daily routines, you may suddenly find yourself developing a work crush. Who knew the water cooler could be so romantic! The extra income can make a huge difference in monthly budgeting, darling Gemini, so as long as it fits in your schedule, why not accept an additional revenue stream?

On Saturday, November 11, Saturn in Sagittarius your opposite sign links up with wild Uranus, activating both your partnership zone and greater community. You may find yourself teaming up with a new group of people and inspired to work on a new, radical project. This weekend, be sure to get your coven together and brainstorm with like-minded creators.

Venus swings into like-minded Scorpio on Tuesday, November 7, activating your fifth house of creativity, flirtation, and fun. This is an extremely exciting time for passion and romance, and all eyes will certainly be on you over the next few weeks. On Saturday, November 11, serious Saturn and revolutionary Uranus connect in your sixth and tenth houses. These areas of your chart rule day jobs and long-term careers, respectively, so this an auspicious moment for your professional development.


Make sure your resume is glowing, darling Cancer, because you may be presented with a lucrative opportunity to link your livelihood and five-year plan. Leos love a fabulous party, but for the next few weeks, your favorite venue may be your abode. Venus cruises into the Scorpio constellation on Tuesday, November 7, activating your fourth house — the area of your chart associated with home and family. When luxurious Venusian energy enters your domestic zone, you may find yourself repainting bedrooms, starting renovation projects, or purchasing new furniture.

On Saturday, November 11, Saturn and Uranus — which are in like-minded fire signs Sagittarius and Aries, respectively — highlight your fifth and ninth houses.

Your Horoscope This Week

These areas of your chart ignite creativity and adventure, so this is an extremely auspicious moment to be your most bold, brave, and daring self. When romantic Venus moves into the Scorpio constellation on Tuesday, November 7, innocent conversations may take a steamier turn. Virgo is ruled by Mercury — the planet of communication — so this is an auspicious moment to use your words and emojis to express your innermost desires. On Saturday, November 11, responsible Saturn and rebellious Uranus form a powerful connection, activating both your fourth house and eighth house.

These areas of your chart govern domesticity and regeneration, respectively, so watch out for massive shifts in your abode.