Taurus horoscope october 21

You will engage with the health of a loved one, who is likely to rely on you for a help, support, or advice. During this week, your contacts with people from other cities or countries will be complex and almost always related to solving a problem or event planning. Use some favorable trends this week to solve financial problems with relatives or people you have special relationships with.

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During the week, cash in your personal or family budget can make you happy. Meeting or talking to a woman will put your patience to the test.

Daily Horoscope TAURUS October 21, 2017

Saturn in Capricorn also gets into the mix of this Full Moon. Saturn provides stability and structure to change. What Taurus loves is structure, the predictability, and the patience of the energy that Saturn provides. Saturn in western astrology is the wise teacher. In other forms of astrology, like vibrational astrology, it represents the peeling back of what you don't need.

You will see the benefits of taking risks, and learn to value yourself. What you don't need, you can release and let go.

Weekly Horoscope - Taurus Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October,

When you see that something isn't good for you thanks to Venus in retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, you learn to let it go. The energy unfolds until May ! Aries, this Full Moon invites you to re-evaluate your finances and also who you do financing with. You may need some advice on investments in order to learn the best way to use the new money that will be coming in. This last year, you may have had more opportunities for jobs, interviews, and if you haven't you will. Use this time to do things like a Taurus. Be practical and tenacious. There will be times to be inflexible in your thinking, but only because you're ready to finally get the things that you really want.

Taurus, even though it's not in your nature to be particularly selfish there are times when you need to do things just for you. You're ruling planet Venus in Scorpio may let you know it's time to clean out your closet, literally. Go shopping. Buy a new wardrobe, get a make over, start something fresh and new.

You're ready to be more vibrate and lovely. Love is calling your name and you will want to be looking the part of a wonderful person ready for endless career possibilities, friendships, and a revived belief in love.

Taurus Health & Wellness Horoscope

Gemini, you have had some lessons to learn and you are learning them well. This is helping you to see your personal shortcomings but also your hidden talents which are many. Use the energy of this Full Moon to look back at the past not to be in regret but to decide to make right on promises you made to your self. You can find this to be a prosperous time for you. It's a time of spiritual growth and deeper awareness in love. Cancer, this Full Moon has a big impact on friendship and partnerships. If you have been longing for friends, you may feel that desire more intensely.

You can start to make friendships in a way that you hadn't thought before. Possibly, new cultures and interests will draw your attention away from what you know now, and open the door to explore.

How The Full Moon In Taurus Affects Each Zodiac Sign From October 24-26, 2018

If you don't travel but have always wanted to, try an expedition with a group. This could open your door to meeting someone new and also to making a friend who you enjoy on a soulmate level. Leo, this Full Moon in Taurus really gives you impetus to evaluate your career choices and to become protective of your options. You may want to try something different. If you already have started a program that you're interested in, how to separate yourself from the rest will come up for you now. The 10th house allows you to see where you want to take your brand reputation if your a budding entrepreneur or future business leader.

Make wise choices. I would begin with reading your weekly horoscopes so you know where the focus is for you now. Next I would ask myself if I wanted more stability with love or money. Big changes can happen suddenly under this current stars. Realisations about what really matters can be the trigger.

TAURUS (April 22 - May 21)

If you know you are working too hard, this is also a good time to decide to wind it back a little. Want to work with the Full Moon? Yasmin Boland Moonology. Facebook Twitter. These are the energies this week: Mercury connects with Pluto This opens up the energies for powerful communications. What do you need to express and to whom? The Sun moves into Scorpio The Sun is like a spotlight so the spotlight is now on Scorpios but it means something different for everyone.

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