Horoscope october 29 birthday 2019

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Travel plans will sound thrilling! Discussions with coworkers will be upbeat and meaningful today. You have vision and scope and are quick to see the big picture and how something might ultimately come to fruition. Work-related travel will please you. You might also teach or train someone younger. The Moon is in your sign today, which makes you warm hearted to everyone. This is a lovely day to socialize and enjoy the company of children, young people, the theatre and sports events.

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Romance will soar with optimism! Enjoy entertaining at home today.

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Family discussions will go well because people are patient, tolerant and generous with each other. Everyone wants the best for each other. This is a joyful, optimistic day for you. You will enjoy talking to others because they will enjoy talking to you! People are always attracted to someone with a positive frame of mind. Short trips, errands plus the chance to study or teach something will be gratifying. Your comprehension of any issue is excellent today.

You see the larger picture and you know how to organize things effectively.

Quiet study or a chance to enjoy quiet contemplation will please you today because you want to learn something that is useful. Ancient wisdom will attract you.

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Ideas from other cultures and different countries will also intrigue you because you know there is so much to learn from everyone. This is a fabulous day to schmooze with others! Enjoy group activities and interacting with clubs and organizations. Make time to enjoy the company of friends because these interactions will be upbeat and enlightening.

Birthday Horoscope October 29th

Perfect day to think about your long-term goals. Discussions with parents and bosses will go well today because people admire you. They see you have vision, intelligence and wisdom. You might envision ways of dealing with other countries or taking on a big plan something.


Beware of overlooking details. You will adore travel today because you are eager to expand your world! As parents, they stress the importance of autonomy to their youngsters. October 29 men and women enjoy the challenge of testing themselves. They may push themselves in difficult physical activities, such as mountain climbing or long-distance running. They like to prove that they can get along on a limited diet. Whether or not they wish to be noticed, October 29 people don't remain hidden easily.

17 Fun Birthday Facts About October 29, You Must Know

Their personality is slightly off-center but enchanting. They favor unusual careers and often end up working for themselves. They aren't interested in money, though they have potential to become rich through their talents. They have a reputation for spending money casually. People born on this date are secretive about goals because they have a problem with intimacy and don't like to answer to others, especially to explain failure.

If they change their minds, they don't want to explain. They sometimes give too much attention to their professional goals while ignoring personal ones.


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