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Therefore, the month of January is associated with Capricorn because that constellation is directly overhead during that time, whereas the month of July is linked to Cancer because this is when the Crab is at its zenith. Chinese Astrology is based on the lunar calendar, which is arranged by the phases of the Moon.

According to the lunar calendar, each month begins with a New Moon and lasts for approximately 29 days.

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The western calendar is organized according to Earth's orbit around the Sun. According to the western calendar, each month begins on a set date and can last between 28 and 31 days. In the lunar calendar, each element is linked to a 2-year period, and governs the motivating forces in your life. Fire signs are inspired by excitement; Earth types are motivated to create secure foundations. People born under the Metal element are driven to create order, while Water types are compelled to form emotional bonds.

Understanding Compatibility Combinations of Western and Chinese Zodiacs

People born under the Wood element are motivated to explore. Each element is associated with three zodiac signs, and governs the prevailing psychology of each group. According to western Astrology, signs governed by the Fire element are impulsive, while Earth element signs are practical. People born under Air signs are intellectually oriented, whereas Water signs are driven by emotion. Anyway he can get away with that thanks to his persuasiveness, flexibility, and his ability to turn arguments around.

The Monkey can be indolent, dishonest and manipulative. The Rooster is the teacher of the Horoscope. He has an original mind, is a quick thinker, and has a very good eye for detail. He is also organized, obsessively clean, and very concerned with appearance, especially its own. A dynamic sign, he likes to keep himself busy and is a multitasker. In fact he likes to think out loud and show his originality and logic thought.

He can be quite the exhibitionist, and is generally popular and well regarded. However, his incessant advice and criticism, and a certain bossiness, make the Rooster hard to take at times. Also, he tends to lose the big picture because of his attention to detail. The Chinese call the Rooster the small Dragon, and legend says that he is capable of digging food out of the ground by force of his perseverance. The Dog is the alarmist and firefighter of the Horoscope. When trouble finally breaks out, he likes to be there giving orders to solve the crisis.

Dogs tend to be funny, lively and witty, they are very sociable and they often have a quick temper and an acerbic tongue. Well suited to popularity, they will nonetheless not stop worrying about the troubles ahead. They also tend to warn others constantly about trouble, and this can make the Dog a difficult friend.

The Dog tends to be the very visible defender of the weak and denouncer of foul play. He then attacks, and he can bite! The Dog dreams of heroic acts, awards, and a successful career. He tends to always be in some sort of trouble, but thanks to his know-how, wit and vitality he often comes out unscathed. The Pig is an honest, idealistic and romantic sign. Although the Pig is scrupulous and idealistic, his judgment is not always reliable and he can get involved in dirty business.

He is a great enjoyer and accumulator of material pleasures, and can become greedy and materialistic. Generally liked by all because of his caring nature, honesty, and ability to enjoy life, the Pig needs good advisors to not fall astray. Lawrence, Michael Jackson, Charles Manson. Chinese astrology also has a grouping of signs, but it makes less sense, to me at least. If you put the 12 animals on a circle, and make a set taking every fourth sign, you can do it in four ways, giving you 4 sets of 3 signs each. These are the elements, and give an idea of the temperament of a sign - or person.

The Double Zodiac

Water signs are intuitive, good communicators, flexible. They rely always an their own internal judgment, and question conventional wisdom. They are open minded, confident, and adaptable but can end up scattering in too many directions, or taking the easy way out of things.

Their strengths are their flexibility, critical spirit and capacity to persuade, but they can be overconfident in their own judgement, and can lack focus. Wood signs are great appreciators of detail, beauty and external appearance. They are community oriented and their network of family, friends and business connections is ever growing, like a tree. Their judgement is based on keen observation, conferral with others, and logic, but sometimes they can get lost in the details. They show and require respect, responsibility, organization and logic, and have high chances of success in society.

Their strong sense of duty comes coupled with humor and good taste, but their high standards can alienate others. Fire signs are warm, passionate, active and competitive. They are alert observers of their environment and are ready to strike when trouble comes up.

Zodiac Months — Another Similarity

They also have a quick temper and can spark trouble themselves! Their force is their dynamism, focus, bravery and competitive nature, but they can be insensitive and unwilling to question themselves. Their readiness for trouble, and enjoyment of the limelight, can also tire others. Metal signs are at once fragile and tough.

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They are sensitive and tend to obsessively examine their emotions. They often feel troubled, and build themselves shells where they can escape from the rat race and take comfort. They know how to enjoy culture, friends or parties, and can in fact neglect their obligations.

However, they can also have an almost unbreakable determination, ambition and faith in their own interior voices. The Metal signs are bringers of comfort and culture, but can be too unwilling to change their ways, unrealistic and capricious. If you put the 12 animals on a circle, and make a set taking every third sign, you can do it in three ways, giving you 3 sets of 4 signs each.

These are the qualities, which give an idea of the role played by signs. These signs are quick thinkers, and tend to anticipate themselves to events. They enjoy leading the way to new grounds and new adventures, often at the expense of leaving other matters unfinished. After all, they are somewhat impatient and get bored. Actually the Chinese animal zodiac has certain similarities with the Western zodiac.

However, the differences are major. The Chinese animal zodiac is divided into years, while the Western zodiac is divided into months, and the animals are not associated with constellations. The combinations chart of Chinese and Western horoscopes is very useful information to examine for the purpose of a personality interpretation.

Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs Compatibility Chart

Most people are aware of their Western sun sign and will recognize their similarity to the conventional average assumed traits. Compatibility in a long term relationship involves so much more than physical attraction. Chinese animal zodiac also have compatibility chart , so you can read - how to build better relationships. How do you handle money? How good are you at completing domestic chores? All of these things factor in to a blissfully happy relationship. If your partner has a hard time saving money, it is better for your relationship if you are good with finances.

If you are exceedingly ambitious, it benefits you to find a partner who enjoys domestic chores so that your home will be taken care of.

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